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In this full-length manual, you’ll discover all the specialized ‘tricks-of-the-trade’ secrets that will enable you to start your own successful Mailing List Business!


A wonderful, thriving, moneymaking enterprise & unlimited income!  If you’ve been looking for the perfect product to sell by mail, the Mailing List business is it!  And for additional income, you can sell this reprintable manual as well and KEEP ALL THE MONEY!


NOW for the first time, you’ll be shown exactly how the professionals make their money in this fascinating business.

You’ll be able to learn their secrets for your own benefit!  You’ll also learn all the angles used by mailing lists experts to make their customers order repeatedly!


And you will have the simple, but oh-so-powerful, techniques used to subtly command orders from your prospects!  Even if you just want to rent names for yourself, this manual will protect you from some of the ‘flimflam’ that constantly goes on out there!



This is your opportunity to earn some real money in mail order. This is the way to true mail order success. Don't tell anybody!

Why the Mailing List Business is So Profitable:

  • Unlimited Market!

  • No High Start-Up Costs!

  • No Need for Employees!

  • Product Cost is Extremely Low!

  • Extremely High Profit Margin!

  • Large Amount of Re-Orders!

  • Sales are Never Seasonal!

  • Easy to Start and Operate!

  • Can be Run Part-Time or On a Full-Time Basis!

  • No Special Skills or Education Required!

  • Yields Excellent Profits!

  • A Business that Your Family Can Be Proud of!

Don’t Waste Valuable Time!


Don’t flounder around for years trying to find the right methods to make money with lists.  Learn all the facts NOW, right from the start.  Save time and money by using this manual.  All instructions are written clearly, precise and are easy-to-understand.


You’ll be able to proceed at your own pace.  Nothing is left dangling.  You’ll get practical information – no fancy theories – no amateur suggestions – strictly valuable professional pointers!


If you have a list to sell, here’s your chance.  If you don’t have a list, this manual will show you exactly, step-by-step, how to acquire all the names you’ll need.


Start on a shoestring if you wish.  Build a business that will pay you an income for the rest of your life.  Remember, a mailing list business can be operated from any location . . . any state . . . any city, or rural area!

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