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"The Direct Marketer's Information Series" Vol. 1

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1) "The Original Kitchen Table Money Machine"
Make money assembling products at home for up to $500 a day.

2) "Create Your Own Mail Order Products"
Successful mail order dealers take a keen look at the needs and wants of their customers and the market place first and then the profits flow naturally.

3) "How To Get Rich Giving Something Away For Free"
Learn how the experts have been making thousands of dollars a month using this simple technique.

4) "The Two Hottest Used Products To Sell"
An easy business to get into is selling used products. Many things from books to furniture are commonly sold used. However two products are exploding the used market.

5) "Mail Order Reports You Can Sell"
A collection of fun little moneymakers that can make you lots of money.

6) "The Secret Mail Order Product That Can Make you Rich"
If you don't have the "right" product, and know how to promote it properly,
you're doomed to failure before you begin.

7) "Get Free Mailing List From The Federal And State Governments"
If you want to make money in the mailing list business, you should contact the state and federal government for sources of lists. What's available? You wouldn't believe it!

8) "$1,200 A Week Handing Out Flyers To Overweight People"
With over 40% of all Americans being overweight, this is the coolest mail order plan ever!

9) "Delivery Business"
Make $25,000 or more per year by becoming the delivery service for restaurants and stores in your area.

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