A blueprint, of course, is a written set of instructions, which tells you how to do something. Without a blueprint, or plan, nothing would get built - that’s why people like architects and designers make so much money.

So, it’s strange that most people don’t use a blueprint when they try to make money. Oh sure, they’ll have a plan of some kind, but it will be a sketchy sort of plan to say the least.

Take mail order for example. When a new entrepreneur turns his or her attention to mail order, their "plan" is usually something like this: put a few ads in the paper, buy a few mailing lists, send out some circulars, rake in the cash. It’s like trying to build a house by throwing bricks, wood and cement into a heap!

A proper blueprint is DETAILED. It gives full and explicit instructions for every stage of a project. It specifies materials, tells you what they will cost and gives an accurate estimate of the time it will take to complete the project. With a blueprint, any job is three-quarters done.

So How About A Blueprint Which Tells You How To Get Rich?

O.K. it’s an outrageous idea, not worthy of serious contemplation, but we’ve come across a man who has developed a blueprint which has the potential to do just that.

Mike Farrell has been in the direct mail game for longer than he cares to remember. He’s seen it and tried it all. He’s made a lot of money from direct mail. When Mike tells you how to organize your mailshots, it pays to listen!

It wasn’t always like that. Mikes first plan for mail order success was rather like the one described above. His early mailshots were a disaster. He once sent out 2,000 letters without getting a single sale!

Nobody could accuse Mike of not being a trier. He knew in his heart of hearts that direct mail, properly practiced, would be his route to business success. He took time out to study the subject, read books on it and talked to successful mail order operators. He spent a year or more of his leisure time researching direct marketing. At the end of this period he had made a discovery, which eventually repaid the time, spent a thousandfold. He’d learnt that successful direct marketing could be reduced to a formula. An easy-to-understand blueprint, which virtually guarantees success.

Mike’s blueprint is no "pie in the sky". His first use of the formula enabled him to treat himself to a new car. Soon he was making enough to throw up his job and go into the mail order business full time. Now Mike can predict, almost to a dollar, how much he will make from a particular mailing.

Mike has now given permission for his blueprint to be marketed in the form of a business manual, so the remarkable plan could be yours to use just a few days from now. And, incredibly, we are also able to offer you the full reproduction rights on YOUR BLUEPRINT FOR MAILSHOT MILLIONS. Here’s the amazing package which could be yours, both to use and to sell:

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