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Dear Friend,

My name is Lee Cusano. Buying "Reprintable Information" in the form of moneymaking reports and manuals is nothing new and has been selling steadily for over a hundred years now.

People have successfully sold these products online and through the mail and they will continue to do so because their is a long steady supply of newcomers who want to make money in mail order. These products are completely EVERGREEN and can even be slightly modified if needed!

And NOT ONLY beginners but advanced sellers as well buy these products! HINT: an advanced magazine advertiser bought everything I sell. They have been around for years and sell mailing lists!

There are tons of small mail order publications and newsletters out there in circulation to reach these new mail order enthusiasts and advanced sellers with in the off-line world.

And there is also quite a lot of online activity going on for new people interested in starting a home publishing business. The secret lure is making $97 a day! Also, mail order (direct mail) is more popular than ever and is perfect for the Information Opportunity niche! You can amass millions of dollars as many have!

If you would like to cash in selling mail order info-products to the millions of newbie customers by mail and online and you need good, ready-to-sell, products to make money with right away, here go ye - Money loves speed!

My "niche" as a self-publisher is and always has been to provide beginners as well as advanced mail order dealers with professional-looking moneymaking information products that offer frequent, repeat sales.

What's more, I have always made it a goal to give other dealers a product that was hassle-free and ready to take orders with instantly. Products that come laser-typeset and are ready to sell -- including professional looking sales flyers.

So if you want to make $97 a day, here's another fine, TURN-KEY product to increase the odds! Some days can be getting multiple $97 orders - even from the same customers who want MORE!

Don't be a fly-by-night looking for the one-time kill. Make it a habit to collect lots of happy customers who will buy from you over and over again through the years - this is how millionaires are made!

Selling Reprintable Information is an Easy Product to Sell and has outstanding benefits!

  • Selling reprint rights information products is an easy mail order business because 90% of the stuff that you get each day in the mail are "programs" that come and go relatively quickly and are short-lived.
  • What's more is that you don't even have control of the money coming to you with these short-lived programs. You are entirely dependent on some other dealer to mail you your commission checks.
  • That is why I like the self-publishing business. All orders come directly to you! No middleman, no waiting for a check. You are truly in business for yourself! YOU get paid TODAY! -- No go-betweens!
  • And with this new info-product series you can sell online and get orders coming directly to you each day with no middleman! And you can sell offline, sending them online to your web page where they can order and you get paid instantly!
  • A good reprint rights product (based on mail order profits) lasts for years because the information never gets stale. It is knowledge that has been time-tested over the years and still applies today!
  • Same thing goes for any product that you create or is created for you. If there is a market for it, you will make money off of it for years and years as long as you advertise it.
  • You can offer other products within each of these products for viral and back-end profits too!
  • Reprint Rights products were being sold as long ago as the beginning of the 20th century - say 1910!

Get Orders for $97 (you can even sell this series for $150.00)

Here is how you can make $97 - $149 instantly in your own mail order business -- Over and over again! Selling CD-ROM's online and by mail is a very popular business.

My special CD-ROM will let you fill single orders at home using your computer's printer or you can reproduce (turn-n-burn) the whole complete product series on CD-ROM in minutes.

Owning the 82 Business Reports & Manuals CD-ROM...

  • you will have 82 individual info-products to get creative and make a profit with.
  • Your own copy of this hot, money-making web page PLUS 6 Sales Circulars!
  • You can promote different offers... and get $10, $20, $50 and $97 cash orders daily!
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  • Use these products to create your own combinations for exciting profits!

Let me introduce you to...

The Complete 82 Business Reports & Manuals Series on CD-ROM

  • Here's my newest release. There is nothing like it out there in self-publishing!

  • One CD-ROM with a catalog of 82 information products that are ready-formatted in OpenOffice Writer and Adobe PDF!

  • One of the best things about this CD-ROM are the sales flyers -- they are all aged and time-tested to be responsive!

  • Most CD-ROM's are just a bone-yard of reports with no sales flyers. With this highly-organized publishing CD-ROM you get 6 separate flyers for each section and the complete series!

(One flyer promotes all 82 Biz Reports & Manuals and 5 other flyers sells individual groups of products. This way you can sell the BIG TICKET OPPORTUNITY as well as separate reports and manuals.)

  • A complete "Ready to Make Money with" publishing business with Your Own Free Web page including Full & Unlimited Reprint Rights. There's nothing left to do but advertise, make money and fill orders!

With this new series you can sell to EVERYONE as well as those that own a computer!

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Why You Will Make Money

  • There are tons sellers out there (including new opportunity seekers out there that can't type, spell or write worth a lick let alone use a computer). BOTH want to make money! These are real eager customers who have money to spend and they want and need products or more products to sell.

  • You will have products that will give them what they need on paper or in digital form.

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  • The only reason that I am willing to offer my own personal publishing business (a finished set of products) for so cheap is because I can do it Digitally and it's FUN!

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Yes! Please RUSH me "The Complete 82 Digital Business Reports & Manuals series on CD-ROM" by First Class Mail (including laser-sharp a copy of the main sales flyer that I can instantly insert my name on PLUS a copy of this same exact web page) including Full & Unlimited Reprint Rights.

BONUS!, I'm ordering before  so please include the FIVE EXTRA laser-sharp sales flyers so I can sell the individual reports/manuals groups as well. I understand that my credit card will be charged a one-time fee of $97 or I can mail Cash, Check or Money Order to the address below (and still get the bonus flyers).


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